Agriculture contributes to 1/5 of Global Anual Emissions!
Yet, our soils can sequester up to 4/5 of all global anual emissions.
Let's transform part of problem into a huge part of the solution.
Let's take Climate Action now, before its too late!

About Us

polar bear can stock photo 2022
polar bear can stock photo 2022


Food & Agriculture

Founded by farmers, Climate Action was born out of necessity from the Food & Agriculture industry.

Agriculture is the first sector of society to feel the effects of climate change, and also the one which can contribute the most to mittigating climate change.

According to IPCC we are in urgent need to complement GHG emission reduction efforts with technologies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at a global scale.

Soils are the second largest carbon sink on the planet, behind only to our oceans. Sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in our farmlands is a sustainable and cost-efficient natural process, with multiple additional benefits to society and to our planet.

Climate Action is here to support farmers worldwide to combine emission reduction with soil carbon sequestration at the scale needed to reframe global warming to below 2 degrees.

We have the technology to help solve the world's greatest challenge!

Climate actions combining AgriTechFinTech and BioTech provide the most impactful results.


Artificial Inteligence improve the efficiency of our measuring system.


Blockchain improves   the efficiency of our verication system.


Biotechnology improves the efficiency of our biological systems.

Clients & Partners



"We believe that experts should be allowed to be experts. We are aware that there are parts of our grocery trade value chain that we are dependent on but cannot directly influence. Climate Action is working closer to the solution. We are so impressed by their work and see potential in how they can reduce the climate impact of agriculture"

Bella Goldman

Brand, CSR and

Communications Director at

Lidl Sweden


"If you only guessed how many times we have all sat in international talks to find solutions to this question that is trully transformative. Once we can mensurate carbon storage in the soil, then our entire food production goes to perhaps not only produce food but to also produce carbon in the soil. We see such a fantastic change ahead us by having this data. If the project succeeds, then we can expect the Nobel Prize as Next."

Johan Görgenso

Sustainability Expert

Founder of

Sweden Foodtech


"The support from Lidl has made it possible for our group to co-develop a solution that can help transform today's agricultural system. Our goal is to remove the roadblocks that Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon Farming are facing today. By both quantifying and qualifying the carbon content in the soil, we can highlight food products that contribute to remove carbon form the atmosphere, and thus allow consumers to influence the climate footprint of their food."

Caroline Iwers Prahl

Climate Action Co-Founder & COO at

Inkonova Tescan