Let's take Climate Action now, before it's too late!
Agriculture contributes to 1/5 of Global Annual Emissions!
Yet, our soils can sequester 100% of global emissions annualy.
Let's transform part of a problem into a huge part of the solution.

About Us

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Food & Agriculture

Founded by farmers, Climate Action was born out of necessity from the Food & Agriculture industry.

Agriculture is the first sector in society to feel the effects of climate change, and also the one which can contribute the most to mitigating climate change.

According to IPCC, we are in urgent need of complementing GHG emissions reduction efforts with technologies, to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at a global scale.

Soils are the second largest carbon sink on the planet, behind only to our oceans. Sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and storing them in our farmlands is a sustainable, natural, and cost-efficient process, with multiple benefits to society and to our planet.

Climate Action is here to support farmers worldwide in combining emissions reduction with soil carbon sequestration at the scale needed to reframe global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius.

We have the technology to help solve the world's greatest challenge!

Our ClimateTech combines synergies from DataTech, AgriTech and FinTech!

Artificial Inteligence

With the help of AI we can now both quantify and qualify soil carbon according to its stability, which finally allows soil carbon sequestration to be accurately monitored.

Field Spectroscopy

With the latest advances in spectrometry we can now bring the lab to the field, reducing the cost of soil measurement by up to 80%, and allowing automation for easy use.


Blockchain provides digital assurance of soil measurements, as well as tracking of the carbon footprint of food products throughout the value chain.

Clients & Partners



"We believe that experts should be allowed to be experts. We are aware that there are parts of our grocery trade value chain that we are dependent on but cannot directly influence. Climate Action is working closer to the solution. We are so impressed by their work and see potential in how they can reduce the climate impact of agriculture"

Bella Goldman

Brand, CSR and

Communications Director at

Lidl Sweden


"If you only guessed how many times we have all sat in international talks to find solutions to this question that is trully transformative. Once we can mensurate carbon storage in the soil, then our entire food production goes to perhaps not only produce food but to also produce carbon in the soil. We see such a fantastic change ahead us by having this data. If the project succeeds, then we can expect the Nobel Prize as Next."

Johan Görgenso

Sustainability Expert

Judge Panel

Sweden Foodtech

Management team

"We don't inherit this world from our forefathers,

we borrow it from future generations."

Climate Change is the greatest threat to future generations. And one day, when our children and grandchildren ask us:

"Did we do all that we could when we had the chance to deal with this problem and leave them a cleaner, safer, more stable world?"

We want to be able to look them in the eyes and say: "Yes love, we did."  Don’t you all want that?